root wy’mn

From 1993 – 1998 I worked as Founder, Writer, Artistic Director for the root wy’mn theatre company, with Lori Wilson as company manager.

This is a clip from a 1993 performance of lovve/rituals & rage featuring: Anoa Monsho, Sonja Parks, Arriama Matlock-Abdullah & Kaci Fannin. : with directorial support from Michelle Parkerson, workshop intensives with Dr. Joni L. Jones/Omi Osun Olomo, set design by Marsha Ann Gomez, choreography by Anoa Monsho, . I am sure that many of our Austin peeps remember Monique Mayo who worked as our house manager for our Austin shows. Monique is legenary for working the door/and taking everybody’s money/smiling wearing a bustiay and see through pants. Monique also video taped some of our rehearsals and meetings.

love/rituals & rage, The root wy’mn Theatre Company from Sharon Bridgforth on Vimeo.

lovve/rituals & rage (Excerpt)
Sharon Bridgforth Copyright (c)1993

dream of you
and me
the moonlight
crossing over

i am trouble’s child
descendant of grief/i been
fucked by sorrow
and left without hope/i
running i with excess

the last time
i was NOT into
giving/reconciling or
being available

love will NOT
loosen memories/unfold
with pleasure/or render
me silent i said
the last time

love/rituals & rage is in Kente Cloth: Southwest Voices Of The African Diaspora.
Ed. Jas. Mardis. University Of North Texas Press, 1997.

root wy'mn
Pictured…the original root wy’mn theatre company, 1993:
Anoa Monsho, Sonja Parks, Arriama Matlock-Abdullah & Kaci Fannin.
Bridgforth, Writer/Artistic Director. Photo credit: Rita DeBellis.

root wy’mn toured no mo blues and dyke/warrior-Prayers as one-wo’mn shows featuring baddass Sonja Parks.

no mo blues from Sharon Bridgforth on Vimeo.

This is Sonja Parks performing an excerpt from no mo blues at the 1995 Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival
The text of this excerpt is published in the bull-jean stories, RedBone Press 1998.

no mo blues gives a snapshot sense of back-woods herstory, of by-the-water/between-time. events pivot from the Life of bull-jean, but the essence of the Work is about community, past-times and the character of Black people. through ritual, sound, movement and words. no mo blues explores the African concept of NOMMO (Life force) and the Spiritual connections mo blues is a celebration of the power of the blues/and the African-american concept of survival.

this is the story of lovve ain’t enough
it’s about fear and saddness/and
next-Life blues

is the story of
one wo’mn’s
struggle to ungrip
she Soul
from misery…
copyright ©1995 Sharon Bridgforth

Sonja Parks dwp
Pictured: Sonja Parks, dyke/warrior-Prayers. Photo credit: Rita DeBellis.
Using words, movement, voice, ritual & performance dyke/warrior-Prayers is a jazz piece/conjuring rhythms out of the maddness of Living/being a Black/dyke/mother/urban/contemporary-Ancestral hearing wo’mn.

trapped by the
beat beating
and billboards
in my head
ho/treat your wounds with cigarettes
and liquor
follow the motels
and don’t look back
no one sees you anyway
no one hears you
bulldagga, dyke, bitch….
copyright © 1996 Sharon Bridgforth

the root wy’mn theatre company toured the country from 1993-1998 at venues including: The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, Wahalahalla, MI.; Dyke Nite, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN.; The Theatre Offensive, Boston, MA.; and La Pena Cultural Center, Berkeley, CA.

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