Sinister Wisdom #81, Lesbian Poetry – When? And Now?
Sinister Wisdom Edited by Julie R. Enszer
“This issue brings together a variety of contemporary lesbian poets, most of whom have paired their work with a “lesbian poet of yore.”

Honeypot & dem
An excerpt from delta dandi is in
Issue 6 of the Los Angeles Review. 12/09.

no/war! in Women’s Studies Quarterly Vol. 35 Numbers 3 & 4 Fall/Winter 2007
Eds. Dorothy L. Hodgson and Ethel Brooks.

This War/Our Love in Suspect Thoughts Journal: The Reflections Issue #19. Ed. Emanuel Xavier. July – December, 2007.

a wo’mn called sir in Curve Magazine. June 2002 Vol. 12#4

geechee crossing marsha’s overture excerpt in Tongues #1. Eds. Aurora Garcia, Raquel Gutierrez, Alma Lopez, Stacy Macias, Claudia Rodriquez, Lizette Sanchez, Cristina Serna and Mirna Tapia. Winter, 2001.

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